Friday, June 11, 2010


This is another one of those topics that I could go on about forever, but I'll try to keep this short. Let's just deal with two of the major problems that most drivers seem to have: Speed limits and turn signals.

The word limit, as defined by the Free Online Dictionary, is the point, edge, or line beyond which something cannot or may not proceed. So, we would assume that "speed limit" means the fastest speed that you are allowed to travel in a car, right? This would be an incorrect assumption, for it turns out that the speed limit is merely a suggestion. Every day, I drive on a stretch of highway where the posted speed limit is 65. Every day, I get passed by multiple people (including law enforcement) going way faster than I am. At first, I thought, "Maybe my speedometer needs adjusting." Well, I had it checked, and it works just fine. It turns out everyone else (including law enforcement) is speeding. Last I checked, that's against the law.

Your attention please: There is an amazing device to help make the roads safer for everyone. It's called a turn signal. It has already been installed in your car, right next to the steering wheel. The reason for using your turn signal is simple. It lets all the other cars on the road know what you're planning on doing. Otherwise, I just assume that you're going straight. It must be incredibly hard to get where you're going without turning.

There are, however, people who love there turn signals so much that they leave them on all the time. This is far more dangerous than not using it at all. If I think you're turning, I'm going to go. However, if you hit me, the accident will be my fault. Please tell me how it's my fault that you're a jackass!

In closing, I'd like to say something to the wonderful gentleman in the gigantic white pick-em-up truck. Do you really think that riding my ass is going to make me go faster? That other lane is empty, if you'd like to pass me.

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