Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear Kate,

You are not allowed to complain about how hard your life is. You chose this path that you're on, and I will never understand why people feel sorry for you. Granted, you didn't choose to have a litter of six children. You did, however, choose to take ridiculous amounts of fertility drugs. Massive amounts of fertility drugs equals massive amounts of children, and if your doctors didn't notify you of this, you should sue them. You also chose to parade your children on television like some sort of curiosity, so stop wishing that they could just have a normal life. You chose this life for yourself, and you and your children will just have to deal with it.



So, does anyone else remember when 'TLC' was an acronym for 'The Learning Channel?' There is no 'learning' to be found now, unless you want to learn about midgets and/or huge families. There is also a horrible show called 'Say Yes to the Dress,' all about finding the perfect wedding dress. This show's tagline really sums up what's wrong with our 'reality' television culture.
"Finding the man is easy. Finding the dress is hard!" Yes, because it's not important who you marry, just that you look amazing when you get married!

I have an almost infinite amount of loathing for reality TV, and normally try to stay away from it at all costs. However, I'm currently staying with my mother, and she has horrible taste in television (I love you, Mom!). The other evening, I caught bits and pieces of 'The Bachelorette." This is a show about one woman who goes on dates with and makes out with dozens of men. We have a word for that where I come from: Slut.

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  1. Amen to all of that, Whack. Maybe I should stop calling you Whack. That was like 10 years ago, wasn't it? I agree, Kate Gosselin has no right to complain about the life she created for herself and her children. And TLC actually being "The Learning Channel" equals "no ratings" in our society where Math is evil, as you said in your D & D blog (coming from a future Math teacher).