Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Great Job Hunt

I've been looking for a job for over a month now, and I'm beginning to think that I may never find one. The worst part about looking for work is that everyone feels the need to share their expertise with me. Listen, just because you have a job doesn't make you an expert in looking for one. "You should go down to the Job Service!" Thanks, because I hadn't thought of that one on my own.

The problem that I seem to be having is that I'm unqualified for most of the jobs available. I can understand why you wouldn't want to hire someone with no experience. What I will never understand is how one can be over-qualified for a job. "I'm sorry, but we can't hire you because you have too much experience in this field. We're afraid that if we hire you, you might do a great job and be well worth what we're paying you." I've recently discovered that when a potential employer tells you that you're over-qualified, it's really just veiled discrimination. For example, I'm over-qualified for a jobs at Dairy Queen (I have a penis) and McDonald's (I'm too old, and high schoolers need the jobs to support their binge drinking and drug habits).

That brings me to my next point. Any employer hiring for a position will tell you that honesty is one of the top characteristics they're looking for. However, they're lying. I am the first person to admit that I've made mistakes in the past, and if you ask me about them, I'm more than happy to talk about them. The mistakes I've made (and the lessons I've learned from them) have made me the person I am today. Yes, I quit that job because I had developed a drinking problem and was no longer able to deal with stress. Yes, I also have a son, and absolutely nothing will make you get your life on track faster. Also, if you say that you want honesty from a potential employee, is it really so much to ask that you be honest with me too? "I'll call you in a couple of days and let you know what we've decided." Yeah, but only if I get the job. Otherwise I'll just be waiting by the phone like a nerd on prom night.

I know that there are those of you out there that are thinking, "Why don't you just go to school?" Well, that's my long-term plan. I'm just waiting to be accepted so I can start taking out loans and getting help with housing and things. I'm not applying at Dairy Queen and McDonald's so I can work there for the rest of my life. I just thought it would be nice not to pay for school entirely with loans.

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  1. Totally true about employers, and not just when they're interviewing you. If you are lucky enough that they do decide to hire you, the expectation of mutual honesty between you and your employer should be fulfilled. Yet they continue to lie constantly as you are their employee. I've been told "We don't allow employees to be promoted to management within the same store they were hired" and then watched others who I trained become management within my store. Enough mutual respect not to lie to my face is all I ask...