Friday, June 18, 2010

The Partial Solution To Drunk Driving

I usually try not to read the newspaper, because it only makes me angry. This morning I was confronted by another case of personal responsibility gone to hell.

A guy leaves a bar, gets in his car, and smashes into a Highway Patrol vehicle. The drunk driver dies on impact, the Highway Patrolman dies a few days later. Who is responsible for this tragedy? That's right. The bartender. I understand that bartenders are supposed to stop serving people when they get "too drunk," but let's look at this from a business standpoint.

You own a bar. People come into your establishment for one reason: to get drunk. You cannot run a successful business by refusing to serve your customers. I used to have a pretty bad drinking problem, so let me tell you something from my own personal experience. I have never, not even once, been turned down when ordering a drink. There where times where it took me three or four tries to get my order across to the bartender, but I always got my drink. Always.

I have an idea. Could this tragedy possibly be the fault of the guy who was driving drunk? Yes, it could very well be. But it's hard to make an example out of someone who's dead. Why not go after the guy who sold him the car? If he didn't have a vehicle, it never would have happened. Or better yet, let's go after the car manufacturers, because if they didn't make cars, people wouldn't drive drunk.

It's time to stop this ridiculousness. I think all bars should be equipped with a Breathalyzer. When a patron enters the bar, he is required to hand over his car keys when he orders his first drink. He can get them back when he leaves, if he blows under the limit. This is such a simple solution to the problem, and I refuse to believe that I'm the only one that's had the idea. Granted, this won't stop all drunk driving, but it'll make a huge dent in the problem.

Let's stop all the bitching and moaning and actually do something about it, shall we?

Author's Note:
I am in no way trying to make light of a horrible tragedy. The thoughts and prayers of my family and I go out to the family of Trooper Michael Haynes.

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